How to Use

The UNFO brace is the first short foot orthotic device worn below the ankle.  It offers an excellent fit and grip and applies 6-point multidirectional correcting forces to the deformed foot.

The treating medical professional fits the UNFO sandal-like brace to the patient’s foot, which is cushioned by a sock.  During the first six weeks of treatment, the device is to be worn 23 hours per day and can be removed two times per day for no more than half an hour.  The physician will mark the amount of tension needed to be applied for the treatment on the strap, and the UNFO foot brace can be removed by the parent for a half hour in the morning and in the evening in order to bathe the baby.

During the initial six weeks of treatment, the physician then examines the infant’s foot once every two weeks and will adjust the strap as the treatment progresses.  After about six weeks of treatment have been completed, the orthotic device needs to be worn only at night in order to prevent regression.

If the parents observe any pressure sores beginning to form, the strap should loosened and an appointment should be scheduled with the physician to readjust treatment.

The duration of the treatment will vary according to the severity of the patient’s condition.