How to Use

How to use the UNFO brace


UNFO  is the first short foot orthotic device worn below the ankle.  It offers an excellent fit and grip and applies 6-point multidirectional correcting forces to the deformed foot.


The UNFO should be installed on baby’s foot which is cushioned by a sock. During the first 6-8 weeks of treatment, the device is to be worn 23 hours per day and can be removed two times per day for no more than half an hour.   UNFO can be removed by the parent for 30 min’ in the morning and in the evening in order to bathe the baby.

During the initial weeks of treatment we advise the super vision of the baby’s care giver  once every 3 weeks,  After 6-8  weeks that treatment have been completed, the orthotic device needs to be worn only at night in order to prevent regression.

If the parents observe any pressure sores beginning to form, the strap should loosened or stop the bracing for a day or two and restart again. The duration of the treatment will vary according to the severity of the foot deformity.


Important instructions for usage

  1. Make sure about the adequate size of installed brace and always wear baby socks to prevent skin eruption and maceration.
  2. Stretching and massage may be needed in severe deformities before adjusting the baby’s foot inside the brace.
  3. The dorsal pillow should be adjusted just close to the internal wall of the brace before installation and at the end of installation.
  4. first, The baby’s heel should be pushed inside the heel cage for safe fixation before the forefoot .
  5. Keep the foot fixed inside the shell with your full hand before and after putting the dorsal pillow over the foot and close the strap tight enough (not too tight) to fix the foot in the brace. Don’t push the foot inside the brace with one finger, to prevent painful pressures.
  6. Check always the fixation at the end of installation and make sure that the brace is not loosed. If you can remove the brace out easily after closing the strap, you should revise the installation again from the beginning.
  7. If you get stable fixation and the baby keeps kicking out the brace as a habitual behavior, you may put a tape around the heel and upper part of pillow as demonstrated below
    How to dress the brace
  8. In first days of bracing the brace may get loosed often, because of the fast correction obtained. the parents shuld know about this condition and the need for tightening the strap accordingly.
  9. The skin redness over the pressure points on the baby’s foot is completely normal reaction of correcting forces as we know also with casting technique, and need no treatment. In pressure sores, we stop the bracing for 1- 2 days or use a skin plaster tape and continue the bracing. These sores are mostly seen in first days of correcting forces and disappear later.

    Important note :

    After installing the UNFO we recommend following up with your primary caregiver 



How to use the UNFO brace

UNFO Treatment Tip 1 for Metatarsus Adductus deformity: Release pressure from the heel if the infant experiences pain or discomfort.

UNFO treatment tip 2 for Metatarsus Adductus deformity: Releasing pressure from the Hallux (big toe): If the infant experiences any discomfort or pain due to the use of the brace or develops any blisters

UNFO treatment tip 3 for Metatarsus Adductus deformity: another lock if the infant removes UNFO by playing with the legs.